How Indian Cuisine Has Become Popular Worldwide

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How Indian Cuisine Has Become Popular Worldwide

Global cuisine has reached great heights during the contemporary era. Even closed societies like Iran have started dabbling in foreign cuisines. Earlier French and Italian cuisines used to rule the roost. However, this has changed in modern times.

Our very own Indian cuisine has touched the hearts of millions worldwide. This can be gauged from the fact that Chicken Tikka Masala is the national dish of Great Britain today. It is also popular in America where there is a large Indian diaspora. This well spread out diaspora has been instrumental in bringing the pleasures of Indian cuisine to all corners of the globe.

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A Color Palette

Indian cuisine can be described as a color palette in one single word. It is extremely diverse and rich and imbibes many colors and flavors to the food. From butter chicken of Punjab to masala dosa of Tamil Nadu, there is something that suits everyone’s tastes and sensibilities.

This cuisine includes every conceivable dish and some which have been never thought of before. This gives it an eclectic feel and makes it stand out worldwide. It contains different tastes from the hot and spicy biryani of Delhi to the sweet rosogolla of Kolkata.

Hence, it is very much important that we love and appreciate our native cuisine as it is a part of our heritage. The fact that it has the ability to impress people worldwide should motivate us to do the same.

Suited To Local Tastes

Spices are an inherent characteristic of Indian cuisine. This is because India is the land of spices and they form part and parcel of our cuisine. Indians love to enjoy hot and spicy curries that add a distinctive flavor to our dishes and makes them outstanding. It also gives it an authentic touch.

However, foreigners have difficulty in consuming these spices as it is difficult for them to digest the same. Hence, in recent times, Indian cuisine has been modified to suit local tastes. This has worked in its favor and has made it even more popular.

Tasty And Exotic Dishes

There are many tasty and exotic dishes that are a part of Indian cuisine. From the famous Dum Aloo of Punjab with its hot and spicy taste to the cool Avial of Kerala, there is something that suits everyone’s palate.

Among Indian cuisine, the most famous is Punjabi, Moghlai and South Indian food that has left an indelible mark in the minds of millions worldwide. In fact, it has become so popular that even Westerners have vouched for its lip-smacking taste. This has helped immensely in enhancing its popularity worldwide.

Sauces And Curries

Indian cuisine relies heavily on sauces and curries. These pungent and spicy curries have become the trademark of our gastronomic delights. We love to pepper our life with these unique specialties that sweep citizens of other countries off their feet.

Indian gravy is epitomized by the word masala that has become synonymous with curries. This dish has augmented the status of Indian cuisine worldwide and has helped it reach great heights. It has even been modified with regional variations to suit local tastes.

Extensive Marketing

Indian cuisine has been extensively popularised worldwide owing to extensive marketing strategies that have been carried out by the Indian diaspora scattered in different locations around the globe. Many advertising slogans epitomize the popular nature of this cuisine.

It must be noted that this is why Punjabi, Moghlai and South Indian cuisine has achieved the highest level of popularity. These particular cuisines have been branded and marketed effectively giving them pride of place in the broad horizons of Indian cuisine.

Restaurants and Hotels

Many restaurants and hotels have been set up all over India and abroad that specialize in Indian cuisine. This is why Indian travelers don’t face any difficulty when they go on a foreign trip. People love to have their native food even while in a foreign land and this is how they make the most of their trip.

This has also made it easy for tour operators around the globe to have Indian cuisine as a part of their deal as it helps to connect with their Indian customers. Indian hospitality is world renowned and what better way to experience this than in your favorite Indian restaurant.

A Gastronomic Extravaganza

Nowadays many food fairs are held in India and abroad and they showcase the country’s famous dishes. This makes way for a gastronomic extravaganza that helps people from all over the world get a taste of different dishes from all over India and leaves them feeling happy.

These fairs incorporate cuisines from all over India and make even lesser known dishes famous. In fact, this is how Bengali and Gujarati dishes have become well known. This has even led to the growth of new varieties of cuisines that have been developed as a result of fusing different cuisines that we shall explore in the next section.

Fusion Cuisines

Recently, there has been a trend in developing fusion cuisines that are formed as a result of combining elements from two or more different varieties of cuisines. This trend has received immense popularity worldwide owing to the high level of novelty that it showcases.

The most common fusion cuisines are Indian Chinese cuisine that has been used extensively in India and has become a noted cuisine in its own right, Indo-Malaysian cuisine that is used extensively in Malaysia and Indo-Singaporean cuisine that is used widely in Singapore. We also need to make a note of Anglo-Indian cuisine that combines elements of Indian and British cuisine.

Fusion cuisine provides an eclectic mix of two cultures that highlights the best of both and this is why it is instrumental in carrying the legacy of Indian cuisine forward.

So this explains why Indian cuisine has become popular worldwide.

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