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Dhaba Style

When you are planning a short road trip to a nearby place, what are the things on your list? Garments, medicine, light luggage and some snacks. For any road trip, missing out on the dhaba food is almost a sin. Considering that there are numerous such places on the highway, here’s why you should dig into the goodness.


Firstly, it is an awesome experience. There’s something about these outdoor eateries which give you a sense of freedom and lets you enjoy the food.


Secondly, the food is generally light and cheap. Order a plate of tandoori roti with tadka or mixed lentil dish which is cooked with onion, tomato and regular seasoning. Add to that a plate of scrambled eggs and you’ll be feeling energized.


Thirdly, the service is generally fast. Since these stalls are mostly placed alongside highways, the service is fast. People pause to take a break or get a quick munch before covering the journey.


Fourthly, the ambiance. It’s the journey and the overall sit and eat and enjoying the openness which can really uplift any mood.


And finally, you don’t have to go to a dhaba at all. With so many eateries opening up, you are bound to come across one which serves dhaba style food. Considering that you might not have time for the trip, you can always find time to order to make reservations.


Food bloggers will also share their opinions about the quality and recommend the must-try dishes. Alternatively, if you are planning a house party, you can always cook at home. You’ll be surprised to find a wide range of roadside cuisine which can be achieved at home.


But don’t bear the idea that you will find only typical cuisine here. Depending on the region and the food platter, you will find more than flat breads and lentil soup. Some also serve full-fledged meals to serve all kinds of requirements. It may sound voucher but every state has embraced the dhaba culture and induced their own style giving the dishes distinct flavor and style.


Earlier days, the concept of dhaba was restricted to catering to truckies and long-distance travelers. Till date, dhabas comprise of a shed like building where the food is prepared and surrounded by Charpoys or day-bed type seating on which you can relax and eat your food. Regular table chair setting is also available.


Some of the well known items that you should try include kadhai paneer, mixed veg, tandoori chicken, butter chicken, tadka dal (which can be prepared in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian style), kaali dal, chicken curry, egg curry (which is also opted by many), parantha (plain and/or with filling), naan and etc. You can finish the meal with a glass of lassi or chaach and you are good to go.


Again if you are the sort who does not want to leave the comfort of home yet want to experience the food, you can either order in or prepare the dishes yourself. You will find numerous recipes through videos and print which you can make the most use of. At the same time, you can also impress everyone with your culinary style and bring the dhaba to your home.


You can find inspiration on different food blogs where you will get recommendations and hands-on experience to enjoy the whole dhaba culture. Start looking and contributing today. Even if you are arranging for a house party and are out of ideas, this might help you plan the event and you can get the most of it with family and friends right at home.

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