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People often ask me what I do for a living, and my answer is I am a food blogger. Honestly, I am not surprised by the reactions since some find it cool, most of them have an expression that screams does it pay well. To be honest this has been my true calling and I have never been happier in doing anything other than this. Although it took me some time to realize, but this was my true finding and this makes me happy.


While most food bloggers may know, what food blogging is about, the larger world might not know what a food blog is or what food blogging is about? It can be confusing at times because on one hand you can visit the different restaurants and explore new food or just stop, stare and admire a rustic piece of wood that can be used as a background of your food photo session. It is not rocket science and if you have the knack, you too can become a blogger in no time. Some of the tips that have been gathered from the experts around the globe are:


  • Finding your blogging personality helps you win half the battle. Whether it is your anecdotes, your storytelling or taking your readers on a culinary journey with your words, you need to identify your niche and stay true to it. It is important that you respect, stay positive and be constructive in your food discovery journey.


  • You need to stay ahead of the pack. How? You need to dedicate quite some time and do some research which will help you understand your audience and food trends in your area upon which you can start building your platform.


  • Whether it is covering a topic in a way that has not been done before or finding a new angle on something, recreation in unique ways is a big thumb up. At the same time, constantly adapting to social media and SEO changes is critical to being on top of your game too.


  • You need to be passionate about what you love. In terms of food, it does not only mean that you have to visit the new places, maybe a simple dish tried out with a twist can inspire others and at the same time develop the flair. Your blog should also reflect the same and not be just another update that everyone views, comments and likes. You want to be the dependable food blogger. It took me quite a while, but now when I hear people saying that Sanjay Jhunjhunwala is an excellent food blogger, believe me, it feels even better than having my favorite sushi!


  • The first impression is always the lasting impression and it holds true for food. Photos of chocolate covered waffles or ice cream with ten different toppings, juicy BBQ chicken wings, and cheesy pizzas – things that make people want to throw their diets in the bin and give in to the dark side. After all, what is life without giving in to your temptations?


  • Stay authentic and true to yourself. Many self-proclaimed food bloggers claim to know the secret of the world, so you need to be true to your audience as well. You need to back up what you do and walk the talk.


  • Engaging with your audience and having a food niche lets you bond with your audience and helps you get to know them better.


Start creating your food blogging journey today, and who knows you might just become the most sought-after food critic in the world.

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