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If you want to talk politics, you would want to attend seminars or talks by people who are experts in the field. If you want to know the laws of Physics, you can most likely search the internet or look up for publications made. However, if you talk food, you don’t need anyone who specializes in the field, because hey, everyone eats and they have some special dish or cuisine that they love to gorge on.


The best part about food is it does not make you think too much unless of course you are a health enthusiast and like to watch your weight. That of course, is a good practice, but I am not one of the fitness-freaks honestly. Then again, if you are really into food and want to explore more, you will find many like-minded people around you. Look up for any food blog and you will find that it is not only that they love to eat but they themselves like to have a hands-on experience about the whole culinary item and cook it, creating their own versions.


What’s more is you can discuss food with anyone and there is no age bar. Ask a child about their favorite food and you are most likely to hear ice-cream, the flavor and the best topping that goes with it. Ask an elder person and they might probably come up with something that they had had years ago but the taste just seems to linger on. What’s more is that you will rarely find them telling you about the hot stew and soup that they might have at their old age and the occasionally mixed puff rice that they might share with their grandchildren.


Food is more than just something that satisfies your appetite. Balanced food diet is necessary and it does not mean that you include food items which are exclusive. You need your dose of nutrition so that you can sustain for long and have the energy to make it through the day. One of the most important parts of our living, some people who claim to be foodie or gourmet are those who have taken up the onus to eat and try different kinds of food and also share their views. Some do it as a hobby.


Sites like Zomato have not only encouraged people like myself to take their food seriously but also brought millions together. Again a lot also depends on the mood of the person. When in a good mood, everything tastes good, when in a bad mood, not even a plate of chicken kebab can make you happy.


As Julia Child said, people who love to eat are the best kind, it is believed that irrespective of the current situation, there is nothing that food can’t fix.


People should be thankful for every meal they get for survival as there are still many around the globe who go on days without food and water. Consider every meal a blessing and try your best to eradicate hunger, because, for a foodie, an empty mind is a devil’s workshop and cause of health problems. You don’t want that, do you?


There is no sincere love than the love for food. Bloggers like myself not only share their opinion on the different cuisines but also love to hear from their followers on the food that is trending. Read more and share more of your thoughts and ideas so that people also get to enjoy and try new stuff.


Sanjay Jhunjhunwala, Food Blogger

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